How to screenshot on windows 7 with mac keyboard

What is a Screenshot?
  1. Use your Apple Keyboard in Windows with Boot Camp
  2. How can I make a screenshot (printscreen) on my Macbook Pro using Windows 7? - Ask Different
  3. Keyboard remapping
  4. Manual registry editing

What a waste of time…. Totally agree! I have been playing around with images and wasting a lot of time on this mac for something that could have easily been done on a pc, with simple screen shot and paint. Easy as that! You sensitive types should learn to ignore trolls instead of getting butthurt over a drive-by comment.

Use your Apple Keyboard in Windows with Boot Camp

The fact is I have to look it up on the internet every time I need to print screen. And they say they are doing this to simplify the keyboard??? How about simplify my life? Why did I have to google just to accomplish this???! Taking a print screen in windows needs more actions! Browse for Desktop, 7. Name the file and click Save. Now what? Angry User, this is not the dumbest thing. The dumbest this is a USB cord attached with a magnet … on a laptop. Years ago, I used nothing but Macs … but the mythology that Steve Jobs knew how things should work much better than the rest of us is pure nonsense.

I also have to agree. I fully appreciate using keyboard shortcuts, but in Mac-land, they are impossible to remember. And why is it 4 instead of 1 or 2? Yes, it takes longer on a PC to take a screen shot, paste into software where I can crop and resize it, then place it in its final location. But at least I can remember the steps without having to Google it…which is how I ended up here in the first place.

And the thought of practicing the steps to reinforce memory as another person has posted to this board is just absurd. LOL I was thinking the exact same thing. The warped mind of mac fanatics aka smart phone and consumer zombies are mind boggling. I have a Logitech wireless tablet keyboard for my Ipad 2. Is there way to do a screen capture on this keyboard? There is no print screen option. I tried the commands you suggested above just to troubleshoot, but I got nothing. I did learn how to save the screen to a file or to the clip board. Si I guess I then carry the desktop into the meeting and pass it around to every one.

I suppose the opposite of ignorance is propriety and smugness. All you mac fan-kids can do is disparage Microsoft, which — by the way — will always be the gold standard in general computing software. Who knew?

How can I make a screenshot (printscreen) on my Macbook Pro using Windows 7? - Ask Different

You are an idiot. People are trying to learn the MAC you jerk. Now I have to go on my PC to do a print screen copy. Name required.

Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. How to Print Screen to a File on the Desktop in Mac OS X The basic functionality of taking a screen shot of a window or desktop in Mac OS X takes an complete image capture of the desktop and all open windows and running apps and dumps it to a unique file on the Mac desktop. Student says:. December 7, at am.

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Keyboard remapping

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Manual registry editing

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