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It appears that 8. So any opinions on installing 8. Thanks much. I'm running 8. Mavericks Or, you can experiment a little, make a Yosemite partition and install MC there, and try it for a while and ss how it goes. Qualified systems mean configurations that Avid has tested. That's a pretty old configuration, so I can understand why Avid might decide to stop testing it after a while - but that doesn't mean it won't work just as well as a couple of point-releases prior. I may try out Yosemite and 8. Seems like they dropped off pretty much ALL of the slot versions of Mac Pro except for the final release I would think they might want to keep those systems on the test list.

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I'll keep my old partition with 6. By and large, it's the most stable MC 8 environment I've seen. That's after some post-install maintenance, including:.

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One recurring issue: full screen mode crashes intermittently. Avid sent their best man to remote in and watch me while I did a bunch of nothing. Couldn't reproduce it. Also, on my last project there was random crashing. Don't know why, but I lost a couple hours work more than once. No bins saved in the Attic although auto-save was set. Writer: The Frame. Happy with 8. Pretty good combo - Nitris DX box, no third party hardware.

Especially considering the age of the system it was running on. If you're hard pressed and can't afford the newest system, you can STILL get by on this machine from So far I have not spent any extra cash on updating the Mac Pro. Up until I actually tried using the machine, I never even really considered upgrading the CPU or memory.

However, seeing how promising the dual GPU upgrade went, I started researching the possibility of purchasing an upgraded CPU and memory.

The firmware upgrade that I performed taking the system from 4,1 to 5,1 made this CPU and memory upgrade an even better proposition. Memory wise, I could now install faster DDR3 memory. Up to GB of it if so inclined. Not only do they have faster clock speeds, but they also have more cores per chip. The system could be upgraded to 12 cores running at 3. The most amazing part is that would bring the Mac Pro on par with the Mac Pros sold up until the release of the "trash can" Mac Pro and in doing so, giving the model a run for it's money. And it's this ability to upgrade it to Westmere that again shows that although not the fastest, not even the most efficient, but still is relevant for today's workloads.

With the bulk of the cost of the machine already paid for, these incremental upgrades offer excellent cost benefit over buying a similarly or slightly better spec'd workstation. Remember value added over time. Or if you just want to upgrade only one of the components, you can do so for considerably less.

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A single core tray cannot be upgraded to a dual-core tray for example. So you need to buy either a single core chip or two dual-core chips. I'm looking out for deals so if you spot any, leave me a comment to let me know! Although I'll be showcasing some metrics here it is not intended as a scientific comparison between systems. In fact, I'll be using a variety of more modern hardware to compare the various workloads to the Mac Pro.

Again, the purpose of this retro review is to see if the venerable Mac Pro still has it in this day and age if you were to have upgraded components over the years instead of buying a whole new system. Or perhaps if you like the idea of repurposing older hardware. The starting file size is 22GB in size. I also had access to a iMac Pro with a 3.

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  8. The Mac Pro is not the fastest and yes it's 7 minutes slower than the iMac but it's far from being outclassed. In fact, I'd even deem it pretty good even if not considering it's age. This is also using the slowest available processors for the Mac Pro. An upgrade to the CPU and memory is looking more and more enticing rather than getting a completely new system.

    Mac Pro (Mid 2012 and earlier): How to remove or install memory

    Expectedly, the iMac Pro is far ahead. A minute p video was edited with transitions and other effects. The export of the edited video was encoded in h. If finances are a thing and upgrading to the latest and greatest is not an option then this will do your editing and rendering just fine. When doing actual editing pre-export, things such as the scrubbing, the adding of effects and transitions, importing files drawing clips, etc…I could detect no discernible difference in these aspects from any of the machines. And if we get the OpenCL issue ironed out, it'll likely be way superior to the iMac in this regard.

    The simple fact that I can upgrade the GPU in the Mac Pro makes the older machine the much better performer over time. This is not to be an apples to apples comparison but to give you an idea of how the Mac Pro with its updates compared to other more modern machines. I'm not a big Mac gamer, but I wouldn't mind being one if the hardware is capable and the games exist.

    List is from best to worst:. The Mac Pro outperforms the iMac. These are not great numbers for any of the systems other than the iMac Pro having passible scores. For this test I'll be comparing the Mac Pro to a completely Windows 10 only computer with some powerful specs. Graphically, the components in the Mac Pro nor the graphics components in the iMac Pro cannot come close to matching the performance of the Windows 10 system.

    Once again, this comparison is only to demonstrate how the Mac Pro performs relative to more modern systems. Now these results show some promise but there are some issues with the wildly ranging frame time minimums and maximums. This will lead to stutter in games. However, once again, it's not a complete dud by any means. Can you get a better gaming system? I tested the speed of various combinations. That could mean a significant performance gain for programs that use large amount of memory, like Photoshop.

    Dual-rank modules offer slightly more performance than single-rank modules.

    Observe that four dual rank modules provide twice the bandwidth of two single-rank modules. Recommendations —. There are 8 memory slots.

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    So there can be 2, 4, 6 or 8 modules installed. The riser boards are labeled as to which slot is which. The performance of any specific program might or might not benefit from the optimal configuration, but some programs certainly will. Bear in mind that paying for a faster CPU eg 3. The claim is that filling all 8 memory slots will in theory reduce memory performance over using just 4 slots due to the nature of the serial data transfer in an FB-DIMM—increased latency of nanoseconds.