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The power supply is built right into the computer, so there is no bulky brick of a power-supply adapter to contend with. Apple released several different versions of the Mac Mini desktops since Each one features different components and power levels.

Mac mini 2014 review

Each computer contains almost all the functionality of a standard desktop computer, including a modern CPU, GPU, hard drive, ports, and air vents. The original release version contains a PowerPC G4 processor.

Apple later switched to an Intel Core processor in The modern Mac Mini is carved from a solid block of aluminum. The desktop comes in three different models, each of which lets you choose between different types of storage solutions.

Apple Mac mini Desktops & All-In-One Computers for sale | eBay

All three models offer an optional Fusion drive or solid-state drive that you can choose as part of your personal configuration choices. All models of the Mini run on the macOS operating system. The Mac Mini only comes with the stand-alone computer system. The monitor, mouse, keyboard, and other accessories will need to be acquired separately.

393 products for "apple mac mini"

All accessories can be connected easily to the computer system through the various USB ports at the back of the computer. The computer also gives you access to apps for emails, web browsing, sending texts, and making FaceTime calls. Jump out of bed this Cyber Monday and finish out your Christmas list by shopping for Mac Mini desktops, gift wrap, and more with a side of unbeatable deals and discounts.

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Broadwell CPU updates in offing and a dongle to speed up headless Mac Minis

See All. Make an Offer. Mac Mini Model A Got one to sell? Best Selling. Apple Mac Mini Core I5 2. How big is the Mac Mini computer? What kind of features does the Mac Mini offer?

Apple Mac mini MGEQ2ZP/A (Late 2014)

With the old model, you could unscrew the bottom and change the RAM, but the edition uses modules that are soldered to the motherboard. It was tricky, but the old model also allowed you to access the hard disk bays there were two , so you could upgrade the hard disk or fit a second model.

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With the edition, you can't. The hard disk isn't much of an issue, provided you follow our advice and get flash storage, as you can always expand by using external disks. It makes the memory a bit more of a pain, but we recommend getting at least 8GB of RAM to give you enough headroom both now and in the future.

If you're looking for a mini PC but want something with a bit more expandability or just need something that runs on Windows, there are a couple of alternatives. Putting the Mac Mini through our application benchmarks that look at image editing, video transcoding and multitasking it managed an overall score of The Zotac ZBox EN Plus, a similarly priced Windows mini-PC, only managed 47 although in fairness it made up for lacklustre application performance with surprisingly good gaming prowess for such a diminutive system.

The Mac Mini system we reviewed was equipped with Intel Iris integrated graphics. Playing the game in 1,x1,, 4x anti-aliasing and High graphics only managed 20fps, which was poor. Regardless of whether you use those features, Yosemite is a powerful and reliable operating system. With a virtual desktops and Mission Control providing a quick way to switch between applications, you'll find that OS X is a lot slicker than Windows. We're also big fans of Time Machine, which automatically backs up your files and applications, saving you from any potential disasters.

In the end, the Mac Mini is a worthy follow-up to the older model. As the Mac Mini wasn't updated for , it's widely expected that a new model is incoming. You can expect the requisite specifications upgrade, including newer Intel processors as well as a likely upgrade in RAM. We're also hoping for SSD options to replace the mechanical hard disks. If you're in the market for a Mac Mini, it's best to wait to see if Apple announces a new model before parting with your cash.

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