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Productivity software

Some people even read these things first. Check the email addresses you want to use with FaceTime and Messages and then click Continue.

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Click this on and then hit Continue. Make sure you choose a good password that you can remember and has at least eight characters, including capital letters, numbers and special characters. You can also just choose your Time Zone manually and click Continue.

Might as well do both and click Continue. Finally, you can register your new Mac with Apple. You can skip this, too, but I tend to just register my Macs with Apple in case I need any support later. Here are a few of the most essential.

Migration Assistant (Apple)

A few years ago, Apple switched the direction of the two-finger trackpad scrolling to make it match touch-screen scrolling: up means up, and down means down. It will feel weird at first, but give it a while before you decide whether to make the switch or not.

Click on the Trackpad icon in System Preferences, then un-check Scroll direction: natural. This will make your two-fingered swipe down on the trackpad work like you expect, rather than try and emulate an iOS touchscreen, which is just horrible. If you want to put any apps back in the Dock later, just drag its icon to the Dock area until the other icons move out of the way. You also might consider disabling the Dock magnification feature, which looks cool, but ends up getting int he way of accurate clicking.

Head into System Preferences, click on the Dock icon, then uncheck the Magnification checkbox. In all three cases, the old computers and the new ones were running High Sierra, and all three migrations failed and had to be redone. Many things in tech are frustrating, but few are more upsetting than getting a new machine that then takes hours and hours to get set up. Connect them with an Ethernet cable instead with the appropriate adapters if necessary. Or consider using a different type of cable and Target Disk Mode.

How to Transfer all Files from one Mac to another using Apple Migration Assistant

Should that happens to you, boot the new machine up into macOS Recovery , use Disk Utility to erase the startup disk , and then reinstall macOS. Afterward, you can attempt the migration again.

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This time, however, try doing it from a backup if you did it Mac-to-Mac the first time.