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Highlighting is invoked when you place the caret at an extends , implements , use , use trait , return , try , catch , throws , break , or continue keyword. Symbols' usages are highlighted with regard to their scope. For example, highlighting for throws is not applied inside nested classes and functions. PhpStorm lets you adjust your search process and perform various actions with the displayed search results.

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If you want to enter a multi-line string, click the icon in the search field for a new line. Use the and arrows to navigate to the previous or the next occurrence.

Find and replace text, and multi-caret selection - Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

You can narrow your search when you select the Words , Match case checkboxes on the search pane, or click the filter icon to select a scope for your search. You can use regular expressions to opt for more challenging searches. You can also pull out the results from the previous Find Usages actions. If PhpStorm doesn't return any results, it will display a message suggesting to opt for more options.

To set a custom scope , click. You can use this window for quick navigation.

Solución para sustituir palabras o valores en varios documentos

In the top field, enter your search string. In the bottom field, enter your replacement string. For example, if you want to replace a variable name with a new name for a large project, use the replace in path instead of rename refactoring since your variable can appear in the config files as well. Finding and replacing text in a project You can search for a text string within a project, use different scopes to narrow your search process, exclude certain items from your search, find usages and occurrences. If you need, specify the additional options. PhpStorm lists the search strings and files containing them.

Narrow your search You can use different options in the Find in Path dialog to adjust your search process. Search in the specific file types Use the File Mask option to narrow your search to a specific file type. Search for usages in a project You can search for usages of a symbol in your whole project or in a scope that you set. Check the results in the Find tool window.

Use a Selection object

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Search for specific text

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Clear formatting from previous searches by using the ClearFormatting method prior to the search. Using a Range object enables you to search for text without displaying anything in the user interface.

Find and replace text in Numbers on Mac

The Find object returns True if text is found that matches the search criteria, and False if it does not. It also redefines the Range object to match the search criteria if the text is found. Define a Range object that consists of the second paragraph in the document.

Using the Find property of the Range object, first clear any existing formatting options, and then search for the string find me. Display the results of the search in a message box, and select the Range to make it visible. If the search fails, the second paragraph is selected; if it succeeds, the search criteria are displayed. The following example shows the complete code for a document-level customization. To use this example, run the code from the ThisDocument class in your project. To use this example, run the code from the ThisAddIn class in your project.

The following code searches the current selection and replaces all of the occurrences of the string find me with the string Found.

The Find class has a ClearFormatting method, and the Microsoft.