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Productive and fun workplace. A fun, fast paced environment with an amazing team of people. Made some amazing relationships with people, and enjoy my time at work. A lot of difficult times as well as amazing times. Working in customer service is hard and I have worked weekends and shifts for nearly 3 years so i think its time for a lifestyle change for me. I have learnt the most I have ever learnt at this place and have grown as a person.

Times are stressful and hard but the team is what gets you through it : Very creative company and amazing for a passion of makeup.

Amazing company if you are good at sales. MAC used to be the leader in artistry but has now turned to the car dealership in the makeup world. You get training pretty often if you live close to where trainings are help. There is absolutely money to be made as long as you can hit your sales goals. Fantastic place to work!

Amazing working environment and so many amazing opportunities offered. This company is dedicated to its staff and genuinely care. Mac is a great company to work for regardless of whether your just beginning in the makeup industry or well established in this industry. I highly recommend this company! No life outside of work. Money was good. Lol But I did learn a lot!! Do not apply unless you see MAC long term and you are truly committed. Coming into work at MAC I'm prepared to give the best customer service possible going over and beyond in every interaction. Managment is always supportive.

The culture is fashion forward, music always playing, great flow of customers all day. The environment is all based around shopping with our customers and showing and teaching them about the MAC products. I don't really find to many hard things to deal with at work at MAC if I had to choose it would be putting on a full face of makeup everyday before work sometimes that could be challenging.

Then on the other hand getting ready for work is one of my favorite parts of the job and my interactions with my customers.

MAC Cosmetics Overview

The most empowering place I have ever worked. MAC credo "All ages, all races, all genders" lives in many ways in the company. This brand is about empowering people to live their lives exactly how they want, weather just copying looks from an Instagram celebrity or creating a stylized look just for that person.


Its like making magic. When are you ready to apply? Only you will know the answer to that question. But, what I did have was someone to push me. My brother knew someone who worked at MAC and insisted I get in touch. So, I got in touch and after many conversations mainly consisting of a million questions from myself and a little push of encouragement I was on the road to applying. I was given so much amazing advice and encouragement it honestly helped me so much. Oh my gosh!! I just applied for MAC Cosmetics!

What do I do now?

2. Research the makeup masters who've come before you.

What I did next was shopping… at MAC. Popping into store regularly gets you noticed but remember to be noticed for the right reasons. Before I applied I did this quite a lot and even more so afterwards. I applied in the March and got a call in the May and was invited to a formal interview! I have to say it was THE longest wait of my life, but totally worth it.

Research, research, research! I can honestly say I never researched so much in my life! I researched everything Zoe recommended and then some. I was also advised to look at MAC senior artists. I will list some senior artist instagrams at the bottom of this post. For this interview I was extremely nervous but I also felt very prepared. I wore a black turtle neck dress with tights and ankle boots. My make-up was pretty natural in terms of colour but a full face with a nude lip. Try to wear whatever MAC makeup you have as the interviewers May ask what your wearing- they did with my lipstick.

I found my interview experience quite relaxed. It was around 2 weeks before I got told I was successful in my interview and I was ecstatic. I was so happy to move on to the next stage but also was really nervous for my trade test.

MAC Cosmetics Employee Reviews

Not having much experience doing makeup and the thought of doing a full face in 30 minutes stressed me right out. For my trade test I had a selection of face charts to choose from. My trainer checked in with me throughout to let me know how much time I had left and gave any direction needed.

New and Classic. Working with MAC was a good experience because you get to work with such a diverse group of artist of all ages and backgrounds. My position was the first of it kind when the VP had me hired on as a freelance artist that produced video content. Was this review helpful? Great company to work for especially if you are just starting out your career as a make up artist. Great place to learn and grow your craft. Loved working here. Great Job but stressful. Goals are high and customers are rude, I found it very difficult to balance working at MAC and going to university!

MAC Cosmetics

Overall, my team and management was amazing. Fun job. Lots of learning experiences and training. Many colors and options to choose from which made it good for any type of customer.

Dark Realities About Working At MAC Cosmetics | TheTalko

Would recomened working there if you want to learn alot. Creative and Fun place to work. Fun place to work if you like being creative and enjoy helping people. It is a retail job after all and there will be sales goals you have to meet. Growth is possible if you are active in your store and take initiative to learn.

Artist advice

Work life balance is a little difficult given the retail environment but good for young artists starting out. Best part of the job is working with makeup all day and being creative!

Great at 1st MAC is dying. MAC does offer great benefits and pay. However the stores have been so slow for the last 4 years. My management was not the best. HR would also lie to pacify you.

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MAC is definitely a cult. I heard that before and never quite understood what people meant. Training, lack of communication, unrealistic sales goals. Mac loves culture. Mac has a great culture and have so much diversity. There is so much to the success of estee lauder companies. Mac has been a leader in all aspects of the industry. Great company to work for. Everyday you must motivate yourself to meet challenging sales goals by which you are measured. The creativity and fun part of the job is also there everyday.

You also need to be the person to cultivate that. Mac does offer the the space for you to do that, Managers and field team will not stop you but will not create it either.