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Timecop for Mac - Download

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Wakefy is donation-based, but you can still download it without collaborating. Set the mood you want to wake up in We all wake up differently. Put your Mac to sleep No need to keep your Mac on all night long.

Timer for Mac

Just make sure: No headphones connected. Keep the lid slightly open. Share with Friends. Alarm Clock Pro for Mac isn't just an ordinary alarm clock. Use it to wake you up in the morning, send and compose e-mails, remind you of appointments, randomize the iTunes selection, control an internet radio station, and even time your baking!

How to turn an alarm clock on Mac?

Wake up to the serenity of your musical selection. Put to rest the goofy retro beeps and buzzing of a bedside alarm clock or cell phone. Use Alarm Clock Pro for Mac when waking up, as a reminder to take medications, or keep social appointments.

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At work, schedule follow up appointments with clients, set break reminders, run the office radio, set project timers, or discreetly monitor employee workspaces. Softonic review iSleep is an amazing, trial version Mac software, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Automation.

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More about iSleep iSleep is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and prior versions, and you can download it only in English. CheatSheet Instantly access keyboard shortcuts on your Mac.


Caffeine Prevent your Mac going to sleep. Mac OS X Download iSleep 2. Download for Mac. User reviews about iSleep Review. Shutter Counter. Raw Right Away.